Kopelev Alexander the photographer


Member of the Union of pictorialists of Russia Formations(Educations):

The Moscow State Institute of Culture (Academy of Culture)

Faculty of the Film-photo of skill specialization the Photo

Speciality: the Head of a film-photo of studio.


Operational experience: more than 20 years from them 6 years shooting for thematic magazines; about tourism, Business, automobile magazine, technical, glossy (fashion). . shootings of "stars" on a cover, Work in the Advertising photographic studio, shooting of interiors for catalogues OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE: creative advertising and reportings, a society column, portraits the VIP of persons.

Shooting collections, displays of a fashion since 2002 of a fashion in Moscow and RFW, Advertising shooting with participation of models, Shooting of the goods, catalogues, furniture, subjects Interior.

Technical opportunities; digital mirror Canon 20d, Large-format 6х7 the chamber, pulse light, and is the rented photographic studio with the equipment.

Good knowledge of studio technics(technical equipment), light. Now the Free Artist actively I remove for agency "IQ ", photobanks and magazines.



Bodies mob tel 8-926-111-4061

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